Whether it’s your special wedding day or a special night out with your girl friends, our creative makeup artisans will make you look and feel glamorous by enhancing your natural beauty with the latest in make-up products and techniques.

Bridal Makeup

Extensive bridal packages covering extravagant pre and post bridal services for the bride’s Big Day.

Evening Makeup

For a special occasion or a night out.

Model Make-up

Make-up for commercial and editorial print shoots and television

Day Makeup

For a natural make up look that perfectly complements everyday wear.


Covering hair, facial and body treatments; Santé offers its clients a complete change.



Personal portfolio building as a keep sake or for professional use.


It’s time to treat your hands and feet! Our expert Nail techs are at your disposal, ready to give your little helpers a fresh new look with a coat of lux colour of your choice.

Manicure and Pedicure

A hydrating treatment for your hands and feet.

Brightening Manicure and Pedicure

A treatment to rid your hands and feet of dullness.


We accommodate the high art of hairstyling. Whether you are preparing for a special event, looking to redefine your style, or simply wanting to feel refreshed, our expert hairstylists are prepared to make you look and feel your absolute best.

Hair Cuts

Cuts and Styling to suit you by professional hair dressers.

Permanent Waving

Permanently curling your hair with an option of loose waves or tight curls.

Hair Styling

Braids, buns and twists with embellishments for a day look or for an evening out.

Hair Extensions Application

Semi or 100% real hair glue nail tip extensions, skin wefts, clip on’s to add weight, length and colour to your hair.


When looking to add shine, gloss, dimension and texture to your hair, our talented colourist will customise a personal formula just for you. Whether you want your tresses to be lighter and brighter or darker and richer, our colourists offer a wide range of glosses, highlights, lowlights, foils and colour corrections so you can live your hair colour desires/dreams.

Highlights and Lowlights

Using foils or a cap adding bright colours or subdued hues.


A full colour or just roots to add a block colour to your locks.

Fashion Colour Application

Bright vibrant colours to add to your existing tint.

Cut Down

Bleach cut down of your existing colour to achieve a lighter colour.



Gives your locks real nourishment and leaves them looking sleek, bright & sexy!


For frizz free, manageable, bouncy hair!

Permanent Rebonding

Curly, wavy, frizzy locks making you feel blue? Then this ones for you! This leaves your hair sleek & glossy.

Protein Treatment

A girls gotta take care of her hair, if you have brittle hair that breaks off easy this ones for you! Help your hair shine, help your hair grow.

Henna Wax Treatment

No one likes running their fingers through rough hair, try this for hair that is smooth & silky to touch!

Herbal Oil Treatment

Tired of conditioning everyday? Try this for softer more hydrated locks.

Label.M Intensive Mask Treatment

For heat damaged, tangled, hassle filled hair! This leaves your hair hydrated, untangled & fresh!

Label.M Warming Oil Treatment

Like those long locks? This ones for growth!

Guinot Oxygenating Treatment

Your hair needs to breathe too, this ones got the oxygen to give your hair some extra “life”.


Facials using top of the line products

Natural Facial

Skin so fresh, might as well be a baby’s!

Galvanic Facial

Refresh, hydrate & revitalize your skin to keep it looking happy & healthy.

High Frequency Facial

For skin prone to breakouts, this one not only will help prevent acne but will repair & replenish for more relaxed, supple skin.

Peeling Facial

Gets rid of that unwanted tan, brightens & detoxifies for skin that is soft & glowing.

Anti ageing

Bring the youth back to your skin, need we say more about this youth fountain?

Whitening Facial

Detoxes, balances and brightens for luminous, youthful looking skin!


Herbal Facial Glow

Provides oxygen & nourishment to skin to restore sheen & lacklustre.


  • Leaves your skin looking clear, smooth & bright.
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Back
  • Tummy
  • Full Body



Tried & tested to help you get rid of acne, blemishes, blackheads & pimples! For a beautiful, youthful, more bright you.


Helps get rid of dry and dead skin cells for clearer, more even-toned skin.

Full Body Massage (30 mins)

Relieves you of all your aches & pains, while relaxing, calming & rejuvenating your body & mind.

Full Body Massage (45mins)

Helps you relax, refresh & rewind. This helps relax your muscles, repair tissue, detoxify & balance your body by relieving stress.

Head Massage

Take a load off, ease your muscles with the help of a head massage to release toxins that help your body wind down.

Shoulder Massage (luxurious, deep muscle relief massage; relaxes your shoulders)

The epicenter of stress, your shoulders. A deep muscle massage, this will help relax the most tense area of your body.

Hair Removal

Go Traditional, Wax or Thread!